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... in honey and honey-based products

Bijenhof engages in the worldwide import and export of several kinds of delicious honey, royal jelly and beeswax. Honey of the Acacia, Lime-Tree, Lavender, Thyme, Orange blossom, Polyflora, Lemon or one of the many other kinds of honey blossom are, at Bijenhof, first subjected to a rigorous quality inspection before the processing thereof begins.

This processing is also done to the toughest food safety standards (in conformance with the Antibiotics Ordinance). After the manufacturing process, the honey products are packed at the state-of-the-art filling line in every conceivable shape and form: ranging from honey in a small, eye-catching glass jar through to honey sweets or in bulk packaging for culinary applications in the industrial food chain.

Bijenhof has concentrated, in particular, on private label production.

Equipment for the apiary

Besides the import, export and distribution of honey, Bijenhof is also a manufacturer of bee-keeping equipment. Every conceivable kind of appliance, device and ready-made clothing for bee-keeping is expertly made at our own in-house workshop.

For every bee-keeper – amateur or professional – Bijenhof has a wide choice of beehives, straw hives, honey extractors, honey ripeners, mixers, wax melters, evaporators, smokers, motorized stirrers, cabinet heaters, sieves, protective clothing and all accessory tools for keeping bees.

Our prices are highly competitive.

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