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The Bijenhof has grown from a family business to one of the main players in the world of beekeeping, say the world of the honey which the beekeeper and the bees are at home. The Bijenhof stands for global import and export of dozens of kinds of delicious honey, royal jelly and beeswax. The fabrication of the honey is done according to the own dealer network or at the request of third parties. This takes place at Bijenhof under strict surveillance and applying the highest standards of food safety. Whe are also manufacture of devices, machines and confection of clothing for beekeeping.

The effect of honey

Honey may work for healing sore throats and colds. Honey has some bacteria inhibit properties. That is because its enzymes and other substances works disinfectant. All these features disappearas snow in the sun as your does honey in boiling hot tea. So wait until your tea is drinkable and add a spoonful honey. If you have a cold, your better take thyme or eucalyptus honey. If you properly close the jar, then remains the honey long good. Liquid honey after a while becomes saccharificated but there is nothing wrong with that, give it a stir one . The quality and flavor remain the same. You can liquefy again by your honey pot to warm "au bain-marie". You can avoid governed by saccharification stirring the pot. Take a spoonful of pure honey on your empty stomach to take care of your cold.

Different Honey

MOUNTAIN HONEY :The name says it all, this honey comes from flowers that occur in the mountains. It is often a brown honey with a rather strong flavor. The reason is found in the fact that the bees in those areas extract their honey from flowering trees .He is in several books recommended as a cure for colds or flu disease in their early stages. The most popular mountain honey is that of France.

ROSEMARY HONEY: Just like the herb has this honey good effect on the brains. It is recommended for nerves, headaches and blood disorders.The honey has a distinctive flavor and aroma.You find this particular honey in Spain .

LINDEN HONEY: who does not knows him, the old linden tree ... The honey he gives us is equally majestic. The typical odor of its flowers can be found when you open a jar. The flavor is all linden. Everyone knows the calming effect and the sleep-promoting properties of this honey.

EUCALYPTUS HONEY: This honey, from the Eucalyptus, is highly beneficial to all respiratory organs. He is a blessing for the throat and vocal cords. Mainly from Brazil where the deciduous tree occurs in large numbers. they are planted for reclamation of wetlands,because their evergreen leaves absorb lots of water. The honey has a high water content. It is slightly tinted and has a delicious caramel taste

CLOVER HONEY: World famous, unique and exceptional, so you can call this honey. He has everything that you can expect from honey, tasty, always spreadable, never contains sugar crystals, a white to golden yellow color, a high nutrition and its aroma is exotic ..

FIVE STARS HONEY : This honey is composed of 5 different types of honey. therefore He has all the best properties. We let you enjoy a perfect taste and exceptional aroma. It is enriched with royal jelly to obtain an exceptional level of vitamins. A healthy jar on your table.

FLOWER HONEY: Is composed of different types of honey and has the best qualities as a perfect taste and an exceptional aroma. It contains no sugar crystals and melts on the tongue.

ORANGE HONEY: The bees get the honey from the flowers of the orange tree, the evergreen tree with his fragrant white flowers and round yellow citrus in the coastal countries of the Mediterranean Sea. The honey has a white-yellow color and is rich in vitamin B. He serves as a remedy for insomnia and stomach disorders promotes growth of children.

THYME HONEY : Is known as a remedy for coughs and related discomfort. He has a dark color and a strong, heavy flavor. This honey is usually of Spanish origin.

LAVENDER HONEY : Spain is the main producer of the honey , with consistently high quality. He is brown-colored and exceptionally rich in minerals. The production of pure lavender honey is limited.

SUNFLOWER HONEY: France is the main producer of the honey with consistently high quality. He is yellow and exceptionally rich in minerals.

HEATHER HONEY: Because of its antiseptic properties, this honey is recommended for stomach sufferers. He has a golden brown to dark brown color.

COLZA HONEY : Because of its antiseptic properties, this honey is recommended for stomach sufferers. He has a white color.

NATIVE HONEY : The native honey is a product that’s region bound which , thei have very different color and taste . (Also according to season). This honey is particularly recommended for allergy sensitivity, because the pollen from the area are processed in the honey and so can create a resistance against a certain type pollen .

SAGE HONEY: Is a honey with a high moisture content. It takes several months before this honey begins to crystallize. He is often in liquid form is marketed. He is very easily soluble in liquids. Sage honey has a light brown color and is very strong taste and contains ethereal oils. Specifically recommended in cold

ACACIA: acacia honey is very sweet honey. He is fluid in its composition and floral with the sweet scent of acacia white blossom

PINE: the famous "Sapin", also known as "Pain", is a strongsmelling honey from spurce forests. It is a dark colored honey is strong from tast

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